Lengthy in advance of we even thought of doing a website, Toni KatVixen and I were “swingers” and back in the mid to late 1990’s there was no real “swinger web page” most of this was done in lap dancing clubs or via magazines. We used the magazines numerous times but never really got much from it. What u did was, u bought this mag that had pics of cpls and singles and a dunky profile of who was in the discharged and what they are looking for, every profile had its own I.D. number, so you would send a letter to the editor with the ID number you wanted to contact and fotos of yourself, and SASE for each contact and the editor would send it to the person and they would reply to the editor who would reply to you. This entire process took a week or 2 or more and was slow and not very reliable. Here are some of the pics we took using our first camera that we used in trying to detect other swingers. Not the supreme of photos but they are fun to look at 10+ years later. ~ Torn Rose More Here