After a long road voyage across country as we moved from Florida to Oregon, we decided to throw a “Welcome Home” party at a ally’s place here in Portland. I hired a fire dancer that we had observed perform live a scarcely any months prior to come and reveal off her stuff as I try to video it all. Ty Fyre put on one hell of a flaunt and she even set Toni KatVixen’s humongous bouncy bosoms on fire! Toni had no idea I asked Ty to include her into the expose so this was all a huge surprise for her, it just isn’t daily she has her areolas set on fire. As you can see, fire is very hot so dont try this at home. ~~Peculiar thanks to Lincoln from and Dave for taking and sharing these great images certainly a mammoth thank you to Ty Fyre who gave us all a night to remember! ~~ Torn Rose Bigger in size quantity Here