Helping Out The Help

Helping Out The Help

Valentina is a Nicaraguan who lives part of the time in the United States. She’s fixing up her apartment in this movie scene, and recruited some guy to help her.

“I knew I was gonna copulate the man who came over, but I had no idea that I was intend to strip and masturbate for him! We were joking around and that dude commented that I’d more awesome take my white shirt off previous to I got paint on it. I did not hesitate. I ripped that shirt right off! He was shocked, but this smooth operator kept his camera out. I wanted to copulate him right then, but that skirt chaser said me to keep going by myself. It was truly sexy.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about her back tattoo, Valentina gave us the scoop. “My tattoo is a scene from the mountains in Nicaragua. It’s a little piece of home. Some boyz don’t like it, but I do not care. I think it makes me look hawt.”

We like it, Valentina. It gives you character!

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