Wife We'd Love To Fuck

“I’m a housewife,” said Sabrina, who’s from Galveston, Texas. “Part of my job is to take care of the house during the time that my hubby is away at work, part of my job is to take care of the kids and part of my job is to keep myself sexy and hot so he has something valuable to fuck when this man receives home.” Ya gotta love that attitude, and Sabrina is quick to point out that the last part of her job isn’t work at all. “I love being a SEXY HOUSEWIFE. I love that young fellows wish me. I love to fuck. I love that my hubby cant avoid fucking me.”

She’s definitely the dream wife. “I got big boobs because my husband likes big love melons and I did not urge him looking at other vixens,” Sabrina told. “I shave my vagina nearly all the way cuz I guess it looks gorgeous and my husband’s throat receives to my muff better.”

A 21-year-old goddess would receive piddled if her boyfriend looked at other lady. A HORNY HOUSEWIFE like Sabrina takes action and makes sure this chab doesn’t wanna.

Wife We'd Love To Fuck