Juvenile Longing

Young Lust

Candace, this boy doesn’t look much maturer than u!
“That’s cuz he’s not! This man is 18, and I am totally taking his virginity. I know your mag is all about beauties losing their virginity,
but sometimes it is fun to be a guy’s 1st shag. We can’t let boys have all the cherrypopping pleasure!”

So tell us Candace, how did u love taking a legal age teenager guy’s virginity?
“It was joy. What that guy did not have in experience that lady-killer made up for with enthusiasm. I did a lot of the work, but I don’t mind. What I liked was that this lady-killer was indeed randy. This chab came fast the 1st time, but this chap was accustomed to get it right back up and go again.”

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