Katia’s first threesome

Katia’s 1st trio

Katia's 1st threesome

We asked 63-year-old Katia what that babe likes superlatively priceless about giving blow jobs, and she told, “I love the way a penis feels in my throat and the way the charmer feels when I’m sucking him. I like the sensation of the stud cumming in my throat. That is why I adore blow jobs.”

Here, that babe doubles her joy by mouthing 2 jocks. Add up the long time of the studs these schlongs are attached to and they’re just slightly older than Katia.

“Are you men willing for me?” Grandma Katia says, her hands on their dicks. They’re completely speechless. And, certainly, that babe is gonna be speechless ‘coz her mouth is gonna be full. So is her cunt.

There are tons of reasons we adore Katia. She’s captivating. She’s sexy. This babe has a smokin’ body. Some other reason: She is just a regular divorcee, M.I.L.F. and GILF from Alabama who doesn’t shoot for anyone else, isn’t a nudist or a swinger, isn’t sexually wild. We asked her how often this babe has sex, and she said, “About 3 times a month.” She works and takes care of her family. Roots for the University of Alabama football team. Enjoys lengthy walks and riding horses. Here, enjoys banging men who are hung like horses.

Katia has 2 daughters and six grandchildren. We asked her if she ever acquires recognized, and this babe told, “Yes, on courting sites. I got recognized once when I was working years agone, but mostly on go out with sites. They say, ‘I recognize you. You’re Katia.’ It’s gripping!”

But not half as exciting for Katia as having sex with 2 hung males for all the world to see. Not half as thrilling as doing something that the people who know her would be shocked to see.

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From Purity To Pounding

From Purity To Pounding

From Purity To Pounding

“I was the unusual awkward cutie in college,” Lexy told us. “I had a purity ring that I wore daily. That was uncommon in Detroit. But my boyfriend begged and begged to sleep with me, and I eventually gave in and had sex. This dude was the solely fellow I ever thought I’d be with. I didn’t even flirt with somebody else.”

Maybe Lexy’s high school years could have been better if she let the chaps on the football team screw her taut pussy and cum on her cute face. That’s what she let the stud in this movie do to her, and this fellow appears to be to adore her just wonderful.

Lexy dropped her good-girl action when she gotta high school. “My first month at school I went to a frat party that later turned into an orgy. Bucks were screwing beauties, beauties were rogering girls. It was mad. I had one more ravishing heart touching with tongue my backdoor as a guy was thrusting into my vagina. It was totally kooky.” We asked Lexy if that party is where that babe learned to like anus pleasures. “I’m still not totally sold on anal. It hurts! But when I’m super-horny, it feels wondrous. I just need to be in the right mood.”

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Ivy Ices fucks her step-son

Ivy Ices copulates her step-son

Ivy Ices shags her step-son

When 48-year-old Ivy Ices walks into her bedroom, that babe catches her step-son lying in her couch and jacking off. At 1st, this babe is a little bit put off by this, but then she pays attention smth.

“Why are u wanking so fast?” that babe says. “Do you know what you’re doing? Do you know how to toss off?”

Ivy gives a decision to flaunt him. Not ever mind that the ladies man is her step-son. Moreover, this babe has certain skills, so this babe might as well pass them along.

But she does more than jack his knob. That babe tit-fucks and sucks his cock. Then she rides his 10-Pounder, and almost any of this happens P.O.V.-style, so you are the chap. Meaning Ivy is jacking and sucking and tit-fucking and banging your ramrod. And you are cumming all over her gorgeous face.

“When I have sex, I get so turned on that my cum-hole receives very, very moist,” said Ivy, who called herself Jade Steele when she made her porn launch at 40SomethingMag.com in 2014. “The shlong just slides in and without me so easily coz I’m all lubed up. It is the most excellent feeling when you’re soaked. That’s how u know the sex is fine.”

Ivy’s blow jobs are also very admirable.

“I know how to wrap my lips around the dong so it acquires the full plushness of my lips with out messing up my lipstick. It takes practice!”

Ivy hasn’t had tons of practice recently. She’d been celibate for about a year in advance of that babe came to our studio. And then that babe came and came and came!

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Meet Justine, aka Badd Gramma

Meet Justine, aka Badd Gramma

Meet Justine, aka Badd Gramma

Her name is Justine. That’s Bitch beauty Justine to the many studs who submit to her mastix ways. This babe calls herself Badd Gramma, but this divorcee from Northern California is great in all the ways that count. She’s a 53-year-old, blue-eyed blonde with a hawt body and that knowing look about her that comes with age.

“I’m super-adventurous sexually and a satisfied pervert, as we adore to say in my perverted circles,” she told. “After reading the book Feminist Porn, I became a lot less judgmental and started allowing myself to explore what I truly adore.”

Here, this babe explores a fuck machine. It explores her throat and unshaved snatch.

Back in the 1980s, Justine not quite made her first porno. Then the real world intervened.

“I wound up getting into the computer industry,” this babe told. “I was truly a geek for a number of years, and after the recession, I grew overtired of silicon valley and, as u know, it is kind of a brotopia. Silicon Valley really doesn’t appear to be to care for older lady crew, so I’ve decided to became a domina and started shooting my own content, and here I am. Yep, those Google geeks are some of my best clients as a dominant-bitch. Indeed, anyone with a high-powered, high-pressure job seems to actually adore submitting to a controlling dominant-bitch in sofa.”

Now, some Thirty years after this babe not quite became a porno star, Justine is here, and you’d most worthwhile make no doubt of that later this week, you’ll watch her sucking and rogering real rod, not a machine.

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Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade Katrina Jade
Katrina Jade @ CuckoldSessions.com
Katrina Jade and her Spouse are freaks…and they can’t live with out to let their freak flag fly! Often! You’re about to witness the way they do that: Spouse invites a buddy over to hang out. He’ll immediately tell Katrina, who will pick out one of her smallest bikinis — a bikini so dunky they’re called "microkinis". When his buddy visits, Katrina will be tanning near the pool, topless. Which always leads the buddy to say smth like, "man, your wife is hawt! You are a fortunate stud!!" To which Spouse replies, "do u crave to fuck her?!?" Yes, this is real, and yes, of course the ally always can not make no doubt of it at first. And yes, the buddy ends up rogering Katrina. While Husband watches and jacks his penis off. Then, after Hubby’s pal is done and gotten his nut, Hubby will go in for sloppy seconds. Sloppy seconds is Hubby’s beloved fetish, and this man doesn’t care, at all, if he’s rogering Katrina in his buddy’s nut. It just turns him on so much he’ll nut also! And they’re big nuts that cover Katrina’s freshly shaved, freshly banged-out twat!!
Katrina Jade Katrina Jade

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Classy Katia does two young studs

Classy Katia does 2 juvenile fellows

Classy Katia does two youthful studs

In this scene, 63-year-old Katia, one of our most-popular grannies ever, sucks and copulates two juvenile guys. When the scene widens, she’s standing in front of a mirror, making sure that babe looks great. This babe also does. She’s wearing short shorts, smth almost all women her age would not dare wear.

Well, the two chaps who are working in her house initiate talking about Katia, maybe tag-teaming her, and that babe overhears them.

“I think that’s a great idea,” that babe says. “Why do not we go inside?”

Katia has two children and six grandchildren, and none of them know she’s here, doing this for all the world to watch. She’s purely an non-professional when it comes to rogering on-camera. She’s done it only for us, and yet this babe copulates love a pro.

“I’m getting even better,” Katia said. “I feel more fantastic. I feel hawt in my body. I do what I please.”

That’s for sure!

60PlusMILFs: You one time told us that your erotic fantasy was a four-man a gang bang. Has it happened?
Katia: Not yet. I am still awaiting. Having sex with 2 dudes adore I am here is about the closest I have come.
60PlusMILFs: What are you awaiting for?
Katia: Y’all! U have to make this happen for me!
60PlusMILFs: Well, I’m sure you could arrange it for yourself just by asking. How do you envision this four-man group action happening?
Katia: I would probably give them blow jobs. One is mouthing my bra-busters. One more one is banging my fur pie or my ass.
60PlusMILFs: U like ace shag?
Katia: It depends on the size. When I was here in 2009, you gave me a colossal one. That lady-killer must’ve been 12 inches!
60PlusMILFs: What do you adore about giving blow jobs?
Katia: I love the way it feels in my mouth and the way the man feels when I am giving it to him. I love the sensation of the lady-killer cumming in my throat. That’s why I like blow jobs.

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Not Such A Good Girl

Not Such A Precious Cutie

Not Such A Precious Girl

Lives: Lansing, Michigan; Occupation: Cashier; Age: Twenty one; Born: August 23; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Bikinis or straps; Anal: Not that into it; BJs: Cum on my face; Masturbate: Of course.

We asked Addee what she was like growing up. “I was a nice kid. I did my homework, helped my parents and had a strong group of friends that I really liked. I definitely would have at not time predicted that I would end up doing porn!” But here she’s, masturbating on-camera for the 1st time. “I’m nervous, but I adore masturbating, so this should be, like, second nature for me.

“When I masturbate at home, I rub my clitoris with my dildo. Sometimes when I’m actually wanton, I’ll finger myself for a lengthy time and bring myself to orgasm good and slow. It’s more work to do it that way, but the payoff is gracious.”

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All Day She Dreams About Sex

All Day She Fantasies About Sex

All Day She Dreams About Sex

Violet, have you had sex yet?
“Yes, a pair of times. As in a short time as my sex drive kicked in I was like, ok, my virginity has gotta go! It was not rock hard for me to discover a gent to have sex with, especially since I was not looking for a hubby or everything. I just wanted to enjoy and watch what it felt like to receive fucked. Turns out, it feels nice-looking freakin’ awesome.

“When I was a virgin and I would masturbate, I’d fantasize about what it would be like to finally have sex. Now I have had sex, and when I play with myself I re-live what it’s love to have a knob sliding in and without my twat. That’s why I get twice as luscious now!”

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Ivy sucks and fucks, and you’re the man!

Ivy sucks and copulates, and you are the buck!

Ivy sucks and fucks, and you are the guy!

“I adore to be perverted,” 48-year-old Mom Ivy Ices told.

For sample…

“I once used a strap-on to copulate a boy. We had been friends, and we hooked up one night and it happened. He enjoyed it. This fellow came while I was fucking him.”

She’s had perverted sex with a woman.

“My partner and I picked up a gal, so we were drinking wine and I just happened to bonk her with the wine bottle. That babe really got off on that.”

You’ll receive off on Ivy, a dark-haired, titanic breasted, voluptuous dish who, in this scene, jacks and sucks a guy’s ramrod and then shags him, mostly P.O.V.-style. That’s supposed to mean you’re the charmer.

Ivy had been practicing celibacy previous to this babe came to our studio. We put an end to that.

“I adore the master stuff,” she told. “More me telling him what to do. For example, he’s been at work all day being the Alpha male. When he comes home, this gent can be my thrall. Acquire on his knees and lick my love tunnel. Probably torment him with some masturbation. Cook dinner. Have him do anything. Have him serve me.”

That doesn’t sound like castigation to us.

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